Pensions, savings and investments

Private pensions may be hit by new inflation plans

The government has launched a consultation on the rules governing how private pensions are safeguarded against inflation.

Inflation nags away at savings

The latest rise in inflation will make life even more difficult for savers who are trying to find an account that gives them a real return on their money.

Private pensions may see switch in indexation

The government has opened the way for private sector pension schemes to change the way that savings are protected against inflation.

Pension plans could prove costly

The new automatic enrolment pension scheme, which is due to be phased in from 2012, could prove expensive for smaller firms, it has been claimed.

Reform the tax system, urges review

The government should consider a broad reform of the UK tax system, including an extension of the number to goods on which VAT is charged, a think tank has argued.

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