Personal tax

General Election 2010: a hung Parliament

With no party capable of commanding an overall majority in the House of Commons, here is a brief recapitulation of what each of the main parties has promised on business, tax and the economy.

Higher rate income tax to improve government revenues

Income tax revenue looks set to show a marked improvement this year.

Income tax 'needs to climb'

The UK may have to increase the basic rate of income tax by 6p in the pound, a leading think-tank has warned.

Fuel duty 'ranks' higher than national insurance as a worry

More people are concerned about the effect of increased fuel duty on petrol prices than they are about a possible rise in national insurance.

Parents more inclined to give sooner rather than later

Increasing numbers of parents are giving money in advance to their children rather than leaving them bequests in their wills as a means of saving on inheritance tax.

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