Business news

Credit conditions remain tough for SMEs

Larger businesses are experiencing a greater availability of credit for the first time this year, but smaller firms are continuing to struggle to access capital, the CBI has reported.

Lending 'monopoly' is hitting smaller firms

Mergers between big financial high street institutions and government measures aimed at stimulating lending amongst the larger banks in the aftermath of the credit crunch are having the effect of suffocating competition and limiting the choices of finance open to small firms, it has been claimed.

No plans for raising retirement age still further

The government has insisted that there is no need to up the state pension retirement age beyond the increase to 68 planned for 2044.

Firms say jobs still under pressure

Jobs continue to be at risk during the economic downturn, with a significant proportion of employers contemplating redundancies over the next six months.

Business owners failing to plan for selling up

Owners underestimate the amount of time it requires to sell their businesses, it has been claimed.

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