Business news

Government urged to fund more apprenticeships

The government needs to provide extra subsidies for apprenticeship schemes if unemployment among young people is not to become entrenched.

Stakeholder pensions could be approaching 'obsolescence'

Sales of stakeholder pensions have fallen by 28 per cent in the last year, prompting speculation that the schemes are nearing the end of their usefulness.

Fall in tax receipts means VAT to rise as planned

There seems no prospect that the cut in VAT will be extended beyond the planned end of the year reversion to the old rate after it was revealed that tax revenues have fallen sharply.

Government broadens its trade credit insurance scheme

The government has amended its trade credit insurance top-up scheme so that more businesses can take advantage of it.

Companies to get reminder of corporation tax changes

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is in the process of contacting some half a million companies, advising them of important changes to the way that corporation tax is to be filed in the future.

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