Business groups offer last minute Budget proposals

Business groups have urged the Chancellor to take 'radical action' and deliver measures which support small businesses, drive job creation, and encourage UK economic growth, in the Budget that will be announced tomorrow.

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Pressure on Chancellor for a 'Budget for business'

Chancellor George Osborne must take a business minded approach to next week's Budget to encourage company growth, investment and create new jobs, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has said.

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Business leaders push for 'realistic' Budget targets

Chancellor George Osborne should make 'a radical shift in policy' in the forthcoming Budget in order to boost the economy in the long term, according to the Institute of Directors (IoD).

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The Autumn Statement and business finance

A large portion of the Autumn Statement this year was geared towards businesses, helping them to secure finance, encouraging investment and reducing the business charges payable.

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Small businesses question impact of the Budget

While the Budget may not have any adverse effects, small businesses have voiced scepticism over the benefits it will deliver, according to a recent snapshot survey.

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Pace of recovery to be muted

Sat alongside the tax measures intended to stimulate growth and the reduction in fuel duty introduced in the Budget was the latest report from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

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Budget 2011: business reaction (I)

By and large, business groups extended a welcome to the Budget, but some expressed doubts about whether the Chancellor had done enough to stimulate a private sector led recovery.

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Budget 2011: generating growth

Last year the spending cuts and the tax rises; this year renewal and recovery. That had long been the message offered by the Government in the approach to its second Budget, and the Chancellor, George Osborne was quick to assert the positive outlook of his statement.

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Budget 2011: online VAT filing for all

VAT filing is set to become compulsory for every registered business.

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