Business development

Directors call for SME productivity allowance

Allowance proposed to incentivise investment in technology.

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SMEs expect revenue growth in 2019

The average firm anticipates 11% increase in revenue.

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Exports: is the time right to get involved?

How your business can get a slice of the exporting action in 2018.

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Exports rise to record high of £621bn

Growth in exports leads to narrower trade deficit.

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Skills shortages affect half of employers

Business growth ‘held back’ by difficulty recruiting.

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Should your business take on an apprentice?

Hiring trainees suits certain professions more than others.

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Skills shortages hamper exporters

2 in 3 manufacturers face difficulty recruiting.

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Retailers committed to increasing apprenticeships

Apprenticeships to increase more than 2.5 times for 2017/18.

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