Business management

EU moves to cut admin burden for smaller firms

New rules agreed by the EU could help smaller businesses deal with the amount of admin involved in running their enterprises.

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A quarter of employers looking to freeze pay

One in four employers are planning to offer no wage rises this year, a new study has revealed. Others have changes to their pension arrangements in the pipeline.

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Health and safety rules a hindrance to business

Almost a half of firms believe that health and safety regulations are a burden to comply with.

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Late payment still plagues smaller firms

Unsettled bills continue to prove a major headache for many smaller firms, according to new research.

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Red tape burden something of a myth, says CIPD

The idea that British businesses are clogged and tied by red tape doesn’t bear scrutiny, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has argued.

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Employers taking more optimistic view on job creation

Employers are adopting a longer-term approach to recruitment and hiring as optimism about the future increases.

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Businesses would benefit from greater awareness of stress

UK businesses could stand to save £8 billion annually if they were to focus on handling the problems caused by workplace stress.

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