Business management

Employers get reminder on electronic filing

Firms are being reminded that they are now required to file their PAYE returns – forms P14 and P35 – online by 19 May.

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Business tax breaks needed to fund skills investment

The economic recovery could be undermined if insufficient investment is made in boosting the skills of UK workforces.

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EU business regulations need greater 'scrutiny'

The UK government does not interrogate legislation coming from EU as closely as it should and too often adopts a tick-box approach instead of applying a rigorous analysis of the likely effects of the regulations.

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Regulation system needs 'wholesale review'

A business group has renewed its call for the next government to tackle the burden that over-regulation imposes on businesses.

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Sickness presence may cost firms more than absenteeism

Businesses could be hit harder by employees coming to work when they are ill than by sickness absence, a new report has claimed.

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New workers' pension scheme could 'deter' savers

The government’s new workplace pension scheme may be rejected by many of the employees it is deigned to help, the CBI has claimed.

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Guidance on equality regulations too 'complex' for smaller firms

A document drawn up to help small firms comply with regulations that will be introduced under the new Equality Act could end up defeating its own objectives.

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Late payments total billions for SMEs

Almost three-quarters of small firms have been hit by the late payment of bills during the past year, new figures suggest.

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