Employers should update HMRC payroll systems

Employers who use HM Revenue and Customs’ employer CD-ROM with which to manage their payrolls are being advised to update it as soon as possible.

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NIC tax holiday set to launch

The government is preparing to launch its promised national insurance contribution holiday for start-up firms in certain areas of the UK.

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Employers may cut benefits to accommodate auto-enrolment

Employers could reduce the benefits available in workplace pension schemes as a result of plans to introduce auto-enrolment for all workers.

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Limited time left for PAYE consultation

Employers have only a few weeks remaining in which to share their views with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on possible changes to the PAYE system.

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Smaller employers encouraged to file P45s and P46s online

Smaller firms are being advised to file their P45 and P46 starter and leaver forms online.

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Employers give backing to pension changes

A small majority of employers say they support plans to introduce the automatic enrolment of employees into a workplace pension scheme.

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Staff parking tax criticised by business group

Reports that councils may be considering the introduction of a levy on firms with private staff car parking spaces has provoked protest from a leading business group.

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Firms recruiting overseas to close the skills gap

A significant proportion of UK firms are looking abroad to find skilled workers in the absence of suitable job candidates at home.

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State pension age could require 'significant' rise

The state pension age will need to rise to 72 over the next two decades if the government wishes to peg retirement costs to the public purse at the same level as existed in 1981.

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