Financing business

Small firms still struggling to secure lending

Small businesses are continuing to find it difficult to borrow money.

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Undervalued security could be hitting business lending

Inaccurate property valuations are stopping smaller firms from securing bank loans, it has been claimed.

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Business angels face greater demands

New research has suggested that business angels are being asked to invest their money for longer and in larger projects.

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Chancellor urges banks to up business lending

The Chancellor, George Osborne has called on the UK’s banks to improve the level of access that smaller firms have to finance.

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Banks to investigate small business lending

It has been proposed that UK banks will carry out a study of the levels of lending to smaller firms in an effort to improve business credit.

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Business credit still tight despite drop in loan refusal rate

Some businesses are continuing to find it difficult to access credit from their banks, a new survey has indicated.

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Prompt public sector payments should be shared with all suppliers

A public sector commitment to settle invoices within 10 days is not finding its way down to smaller firms who operate as part of a supplier chain, a leading business group has claimed.

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Sharp decline in small business lending

UK banks offered small firms just £900 million in extra loans last year, new statistics have revealed.

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