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3p rise in fuel duty is postponed

The Government has announced the 3p rise in fuel duty, planned for August, will not go ahead this year.

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£200 million coaching programme aims to accelerate SME growth

A new £200 million coaching programme aimed at helping up to 26,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to reach their full potential, has been launched by the Government.

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Cameron: Continued austerity measures and increased credit for businesses

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the Government will refuse to back down on deficit reduction plans and pledged to boost credit for businesses and households, in a speech made yesterday on the UK's economy.

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The Queen's speech and small businesses

The Queen's speech during the State Opening of Parliament marked the beginning of the Parliamentary session yesterday, and outlined the Government's proposed policies and legislation, many of which will impact on the UK's businesses.

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Government publishes potential business contracts worth £70 billion

£70 billion worth of potential future government contracts have been published by cabinet office minister Francis Maude and business secretary Vince Cable, in a bid to boost UK economic growth.

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Big six energy deal to benefit households and businesses

An agreement between the UK's 'big six' energy companies, meaning they will be required to tell customers if they are overpaying and allow them to switch to a better deal , is to cut the bills of millions of consumers and businesses, according to the Government and business groups.

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Charities raise concerns over tax relief cap on donations

UK charities have criticised Chancellor's George Osborne's comments regarding tax avoidance by top earners in the UK, claiming they will damage philanthropic giving.

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Chancellor to 'take action' on top-level tax avoidance

Chancellor George Osborne has admitted he was 'shocked' by the level of tax avoidance taking place by some of the top earners in the country, after being shown confidential tax returns as part of a study by HMRC.

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Government to explore new workplace pension options

The Government is to explore new types of workplace pension schemes in order to give firms and employees more certainty about the amount of income they can expect to pay out or receive, says minister for pensions Steve Webb.

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Sunday trading laws to be relaxed over Olympics

Sunday trading laws will be suspended for eight weekends over this year's Olympic and Paralympic games, if a proposed Bill is passed through Parliament.

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