Government Initiatives

Extending work trial scheme would create new jobs

A leading business group has urged the Government to extend a scheme that allows employers and employees to try a role before offering or accepting a permanent position.

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Banks set to meet lending targets

The UK’s major banks look likely to meet their small business lending targets as agreed with the Government.

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Extra support for apprenticeships

The Government has announced a £25 million fund intended to support a further 10,000 apprenticeship places.

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Regulation breaks would encourage sole traders to employ

Sole traders would be more prepared to take on an employee if the regulations surrounding employment were eased, a new study has claimed.

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Late payment remains an issue for smaller firms

Delays in settling bills are a continuing problem for large numbers of smaller businesses, new research has suggested.

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Design to thrive, says the Government

Innovative design needs to be at the centre of economic recovery, the Government has insisted, and has promised that forward-looking SMEs will have the chance of access to design mentoring.

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Large tax repayments outstanding under Time to Pay scheme

The tax authorities could be facing as much as £650 million in unpaid business taxes as a result of a scheme designed to help firms struggling to meet their liabilities.

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Research tax breaks to boost innovation

More details have been released on proposed changes to some of the tax reliefs available for firms that invest in research and development, and in new products.

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Cuts in NICs would encourage job creation

Small firms would be more likely to take on new staff if they were given the incentive of a reduction in national insurance contributions, a new survey has suggested.

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