Government Initiatives

Government launches drive to raise skill levels

The government has set out details of a new drive to improve skills in the UK workforce.

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Employee training system needs 'reform'

There needs to be a redirection of government-funded training programmes, the CBI has argued, if the UK economy is both to recover and thrive.

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New Year VAT help for businesses

Some businesses in the leisure, hospitality and catering sectors are to be allowed to continue charging VAT at 15 per cent into the early part of New Year’s Day.

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HMRC announces 'light touch' approach to VAT rate change

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has said that it will apply a ‘light touch’ if businesses make mistakes on their returns following the forthcoming change in the standard rate of VAT.

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Don't cut spending at expense of business support, says FPB

The government should not reduce its support for businesses when it comes to deciding where public spending cuts must be made but should do more to ease the tax burden on smaller firms.

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Business tax rises will 'push up' unemployment

The government has been urged not to impose additional taxes on smaller businesses.

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Regulations still 'burdensome', say businesses

Firms believe that complying with business regulations has not become any easier or any less time-consuming, a new survey has revealed.

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More part-time jobs needed

Employers that advertise full-time vacancies in job centres may be encouraged to allow part-time workers and job sharers to apply for them.

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Businesses may get extra time for VAT repricing

The government is considering whether to allow businesses more time to update price labels in shops once the rate of VAT reverts to 17.5 per cent at the end of the year.

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