Managing costs

How to provide employee bonuses

Motivate and retain employees with rewards at work.

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Cost of divorce rises to over £14,500

Preparing financial arrangements could save on extra costs.

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Setting and reviewing pay

How should you go about managing pay in your business?

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Rising inflation drives down spending

60% of families feel the squeeze on living costs as inflation hits 3%.

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Childcare gap for parents of 1-year-olds

Parents see costs skyrocket before child’s 2nd birthday.

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Sole traders ‘lack income protection’

93% of self-employed workers lose income if they become unwell.

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Tax break for festive office party

Employers can claim £150 per head towards the Christmas party.

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Sole traders run risk of cash crisis

Research shows just 4% have income protection policies.

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Failure to pay minimum wage costs firms

233 employers forced to pay back £2m in wages and fined £1.9m.

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