Business Regulation

New pension plans should be adapted for temporary workers

The new government-backed compulsory pension programme, due to come into effect in 2012, needs to take more account of temporary workers, it has been claimed.

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Internet retailers 'ignore' trading regulations

A significant number of internet shopping websites could be in breach of rules set up to protect customers.

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'Uncertainty' over personal accounts pensions

The low profile given to plans for the introduction of personal accounts pensions, the government-backed workplace savings scheme, in the pre-Budget Report has created an element of confusion, the Commons Treasury Select Committee has heard.

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EU businesses should not bear 'extra' climate change costs

Business groups attending the United Nations Climate Change conference in Copenhagen have warned that European firms should not be burdened with additional cuts in carbon emissions.

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Simplified regulations cutting business costs

Measures aimed at reducing the administrative burden of complying with business regulations are now saving UK firms significant sums each year.

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Employers warned against pensions inducements

The Pensions Regulator has said that employers should not apply “improper” pressure to persuade members to move from one pension scheme to another.

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Environmental levies may rise for some firms

An amendment to the climate change levy could mean that some larger businesses pay more in green taxes.

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Businesses get extra time to update VAT prices

Businesses are to get additional time in which to update price labels after the rate of VAT reverts to 17.5 per cent.

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World 'needs' global carbon market

Carbon emissions trading schemes should be conducted on a worldwide basis, the CBI has said.

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