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Comprehensive Spending Review: low carbon economy

As promised, the government is to create a Green Investment Bank in an effort to boost the UK’s low carbon economy.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: transport

The government has committed itself to £30 billion of investment in the transport system but has also announced that capital spending by the Department of Transport is to be cut by 11 per cent.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: pensions

One of the headline announcements in the spending review was that the state retirement age for men and women is to be equalised at 65 by November 2018.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: employment and PAYE

It was widely expected that the spending review would focus on welfare funding. One of the areas to be affected by the cuts is employment.

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What they said about the Comprehensive Spending Review

The response to the Comprehensive Spending Review was, of course, mixed with some condemning the severity of the cuts while others applauded the boldness and approach to the announcements.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: training and higher education

The coalition government has made much of the need to re-balance the economy in the run-up to the spending review.

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Comprehensive Spending Review: an outline summary

Spending reviews have been part of the governmental landscape since the late 1990s, but none have garnered quite the anticipation of the one which the Coalition government is to deliver on 20 October.

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VAT rise cost businesses as much as decrease

The cost to business of the increase in VAT to 17.5 per cent in January was as high as the earlier drop to 15 per cent, a new survey has found.

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Banks to set up small business fund

The UK’s six largest banks have put forward their plans for boosting the funding of smaller businesses.

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