Fathers turning down chance of paternity leave

There is evidence that new fathers are unwilling to take up the parental leave rights available to them because families are worried about the subsequent loss of earnings.

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Smaller firms struggling to provide new jobs

A new study has suggested that many smaller businesses are finding it difficult to create new jobs.

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Personal taxes important to future government revenue

The Government needs more taxpayers to earn more money in order to help balance the nation’s books.

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Government wants views on integrating income tax and NI

The Government has published preliminary, guideline ideas for merging income tax and national insurance and is keen to collect evidence on the matter.

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Skills training needs improvement

Despite the best efforts of governments over the past decade, the UK is still suffering from a skills shortage.

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Regulation breaks would encourage sole traders to employ

Sole traders would be more prepared to take on an employee if the regulations surrounding employment were eased, a new study has claimed.

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Apprenticeships on the increase

Over 100,000 additional apprenticeship places have been created during the past year.

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HMRC embarks on tax reconciliation process

As many as 4.7 million people may have paid incorrect amounts of tax for the year 2010/11, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has said.

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Pension tax and share schemes to be simplified

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has announced that it is next to direct its attention to pensioners’ tax and share schemes.

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