ISA allowance to increase next year

The upper limit on the amount that can be saved in an ISA account is to go up next year.

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Economic worries prompt savings

More people are saving money on a regular basis than at any time in the last two years, according to new research.

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Retirement income often less than hoped for

Many people are retiring on pension incomes that are substantially below the level for which they had planned while in work.

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Spend not save to help the economy

Consumers should look to spend rather than save, the deputy governor of the Bank of England has said.

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Majority of employers not ready for pension reforms

Just 20 per cent of the UK’s smaller employers have started to assess the likely financial impact of planned major reforms to the pensions system.

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Savings to get better protection

Savers are soon to enjoy a higher level of protection should the bank, building society or credit union which holds their money go under.

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UK suffers largest pension gap in Europe

The UK has the biggest annual pension savings shortfall of any country in Europe, new research has revealed.

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Pension funds slip back into deficit

Final salary pension funds in the UK have dipped back into deficit, new figures have revealed.

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Press ahead with pension reforms but simplify them, says CBI

The CBI has urged the government to continue with the planned schedule for introducing workplace pension reforms that will see all employees automatically enrolled in a retirement scheme.

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