Carers snub state pension boost

Lack of publicity believed to be behind woeful take-up.

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Average earner will need £300,000 pension pot

Most people require additional savings to maintain lifestyle.

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Over-50s ‘risk running out of retirement income’

Workers risk running out of money by underestimating years in retirement.

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Over-50s playing retirement roulette

Downsizing, inheritance and lottery relied on to retire.

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Women ‘worse off from divorce’

24% of divorced women save nothing towards retirement.

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Interest rates climb to 0.5%

Bank of England raises interest rates for first time in more than a decade.

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Rising inflation drives down spending

60% of families feel the squeeze on living costs as inflation hits 3%.

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Over-40s braced for working longer

Charity proposes 'career MOT' at 50 to assist savers.

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Bank account switches reach 4-year low

Savers snub campaign to change current account provider.

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