All the economy needs is an environment that puts business first

It is only business that can create recovery in the current economic climate, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has claimed.

As a slowdown across the Eurozone is inevitable, the UK needs to use the talent, energy, and enterprise that it has to create wealth and thrive, director general of the BCC, John Longworth claims.

"All we need is an environment that puts business first. Boosting growth in our businesses will boost the economy and let Britain lead on the international stage," he said.

As 2012 kicks off, Longworth believes it is the year that provides an opportunity for lasting change. The Government can restore UK business confidence this year, and boost the recovery by facilitating the flow of credit, improving the planning system, and overhauling the infrastructure and skills system, he claims.

"Business is not just good for Britain, but is essential. 2012 could provide the tipping point for our economy. It could be a new start to an exciting future, the beginning of a renaissance in our fortunes based on enterprise, wealth creation and a new world view," Longworth concludes.