Employers give backing to training scheme

Train to Gain, the government’s flagship skills programme, has won the support of employers, according to a new survey.

The survey, carried out independently on behalf of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), found that three-quarters of the employers who responded said they had seen significant improvements in the skills of their workforce as a result of using Train to Gain.

Train to Gain was set up to help employers identify and source training so that they can raise the skills levels among their workforces and to boost their business performances.

The poll revealed that 74 per cent of employers noted an improvement in job-related skills and performance after participating in Train to Gain.

Even at an early stage, two thirds believed that the training was contributing to improved long-term competitiveness.

Eight out of ten employers reported that their staff were more self-confident and that quality standards had been raised.

Some 61 per cent said that productivity had improved, while 53 per cent found that employers were more loyal.

Overall, more than 90 per cent of employers who accessed Train to Gain training were satisfied with the course and training provider.

Kevin Brennan, the Skills Minister, commented: “It is great news that Train to Gain is proving such a success with employers and learners alike and that record numbers of people have got a qualification. Behind these figures are real businesses with improved performance and real people with a brighter future and better life chances.

“Employers are seeing their staff better motivated, more skilled and more committed, and this follows through to better service and better products."

Mr Brennan said that there has been a large increase in demand for Train to Gain, with 100,000 more people taking part in the training over the two years until 2009-10 than had been planned.

The minister added: “We need to make sure that we continue to help people access the skills and training they need to get into and get on at work, especially in tougher times, and do all we can to help businesses succeed.”