Energy efficiency 'could save Scottish business £239 million a year'

According to energy saving experts at the Carbon Trust, Scottish businesses have the potential to save over £239 million a year through implementing cost effective carbon reduction measures.

The Trust’s “carbon map” of Scotland, based on estimates of existing energy consumption in different local authority areas, quantifies the potential impact of energy saving measures such as replacing old boilers or installing new, efficient lighting.

Topping the table for potential savings are the Glasgow (£21.8 million), Edinburgh (£17.8 million), Highlands (£11.1 million), North Lanarkshire (£10.7 million) and Stirling (£4.5 million).

The map has been produced as part of the Carbon Trust’s “One Million a Day” Campaign which is urging businesses of all sizes to prioritise actions to kick-start immediate energy savings, reduce carbon emissions and make significant direct cost savings.

Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust, said: “With help from the Carbon Trust businesses in every corner of Scotland can improve their energy efficiency and make real savings on their energy bills at a time when every penny counts.

“Scottish business is a global leader in the low carbon sector, but we must work hard to retain that leadership and realise the benefits of developing more sustainable business practices and low carbon technology.”