Flexible working popular among employees

There is a high demand among employees for flexible working arrangements, research by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) and Citrix has found.

The research, which surveyed almost 1,300 employees in the UK, showed that flexible working arrangements were popular with most employees:

  • 96% of respondents who have the option to work flexibly choose to do so
  • 83% of people who don't currently have the option would choose it if given the opportunity
  • 94% of knowledge workers would choose to work from home for an average 2 days per week.

The findings also suggested that flexible working could boost employment levels:

  • 68% of unemployed or economically-inactive people believe flexible working would be an incentive to start working
  • 60% of part-time workers said they would be more likely to work additional hours if they could work outside of the workplace.

Jacqueline de Rojas, area vice president of Northern Europe, Citrix, said:

"Technology now enables us to work from anywhere, at any time. It is time to move on from judging workers on how long they spend at their desks to evaluating them on the work they actually deliver.

"By realising that employees do not have to be in the office from nine to five, employers will reap the benefits of an even more productive, contented workforce - and as illustrated here, reaching a new, untapped pool of talent in the process."

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