Half of employees believe home working boosts productivity

Over half (52 per cent) of Britons would like the opportunity to work from home if they had all the IT resources to do so, a survey from YouGov has found.

Of the 2,063 people questioned for the poll on behalf of Skype, 58 per cent of British workers thought that working from home boosts productivity, with 26 per cent believing they would be just as productive as they are in the office and 23 per cent even more so.

However, 51 per cent of British office workers said they were not given the option to work from home by their employer.

Skype's director of product marketing Linda Summers said that while "office based workers would prefer to have more flexible working structures, employers are concerned that productivity would be affected. What neither seems to have fully realised is that technological advances actually allow you to have both."

According the poll, nearly a third of those that have worked from home said that lack of face-to-face contact was one of the top reasons for not working as effectively, followed by problems accessing internal servers.

Compatible software between the home and office and high speed broadband connection were cited as the two most important factors allowing workers to work productively from home, yet only 44 per cent and 32 per cent respectively had access to each.

Summer's believes the problem is behavioural rather than technological.

"People are saying they want to work from home and they are productive when they do so, but they just don't want to feel isolated," she said.

Elsewhere, the survey found that 67 per centof Britons are not working from home during the Olympics, despite Government efforts encouraging employers to allow staff the option to do so in order to help ease congestion on London's public transport. 

In total, just 31 per cent of British office workers have worked from home in the past 12 months.