Scotch whisky exports stable

Scotch whisky exports remained strong in 2013 despite a slowdown in demand in emerging markets, according to the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).

Exports were £4.3 billion in 2013, rising slightly from the £4.27 billion recorded for 2012.

Total export volumes increased to 1.3 billion bottles in 2013, a 3 per cent increase from the 1.2 billion bottles exported in 2012.

Single malt export volumes experienced a 5 per cent increase in 2013 to reach a record £820 million.
Scotch whisky accounts for 85 per cent of all Scottish food and drink exports and nearly a quarter of the British total.

Other key statistics:

  • Exports to the US grew 8 per cent to a record £819 million
  • Exports to China fell nearly 30 per cent to £51 million
  • France was the largest volume market, with sales rising 16 per cent
  • Exports to Brazil and Mexico increased by 20 per cent.

David Frost, chief executive at the SWA, said:

"Scotch Whisky exports remain strong and the industry's impressive performance makes a major contribution to the UK's trade performance. The unprecedented investment programmes in Scotch Whisky by producers show that in the long term they are confident that demand will continue to grow.

"However, in the short run, there are some economic headwinds. Formal and informal barriers to trade remain. We should remember that the industry's success does not come automatically but is based on hard work, investment and careful stewardship."