A third of UK businesses struggle with social media management

UK businesses are struggling with 'chaotic' and 'unmanaged' social media, according to research from information management firm Iron Mountain.

The research shows that social media such as Facebook and Twitter is causing a headache for the UK's businesses, revealing that 34 per cent are failing to manage their social media activity.

Meanwhile, the research also found that three quarters of respondents regard social media communication as 'formal business records', while 73 per cent admitted to banning the use of social media at work completely.

Christian Toon, head of information security at Iron Mountain, says: "Social media is troubling organisations much as email did a decade or so ago. It's new, it generates huge volumes of unstructured data, and that makes it hard to control."

The research also revealed that just over half of respondents are aware that they carry legal liability for the content on their social media accounts. But this should not put businesses off, Toon claims, as best practice and adequate management means that businesses can control the content that is exposed.

Toon added: "There are some essential steps you can take to get to grips with social media in a way that would protect your business, your employees and your customers."

Steps recommended include:

  • Use content that you already have;
  • Understand the law;
  • Create a social media policy for employees;
  • Draw a clear line between personal and professional social media usage;
  • Keep up to date with changes and stay flexible.