Information Technology can save time, money and manpower - and keep your business ahead.

You can come to us for independent advice on book-keeping and accountancy software, based on a detailed knowledge of your requirements.

  • Are you using the latest methods for maintaining financial records?
  • Could you benefit from sharing data within your company?
  • Are you recording your fixed assets properly?
  • Are you controlling stock properly?

Our staff can advise you on how to obtain the maximum benefit from your existing accounting system - or a new one. By identifying your business and processing needs, we can help you with:

  • Choosing the right package
  • The suitability of your hardware
  • Installing and setting up the software
  • Initial training and arranging more specialised training

A typical solution can provide financial reporting, job costing, stock control, foreign currency, payroll and customer databases. With good financial records, tailored, regular management accounts, performance ratios, trends and benchmarking statistics are a short step away.

...and if your accountants are not helping you with your IT then contact Little & Company.