Two areas where Little & Company has the foresight and ability to assess your individual needs.

Our aim is to minimise the amount of tax you are liable to pay and to tell you exactly what is due for payment and when. No-one likes nasty surprises, so knowing your tax liability in advance and having the ability to plan appropriately can be as important as minimising the total liability.

Tell us about your proposed transactions and we can advise you on the best tax strategy, embracing all aspects including Income, Capital and Indirect Taxes such as VAT. We can help you develop tax efficient strategies to:

  • Protect your estate from the rigors of inheritance tax and thereby safeguarding the financial future of your successors;
  • Extract money from your business in the most tax efficient manner;
  • Redistributing assets and the income from them between spouses;
  • Consider whether you should have a company car or run your own;
  • Plan for your retirement;
  • Plan for any transaction in property where stamp duty land tax may be an issue.

On a routine basis you will benefit from a service that:

  • Uses state of the art computer systems to ensure compliance matters, like business and personal tax returns, are completed efficiently and accurately;
  • Calculates and advise you of tax liabilities;
  • Relieves you of the tedium of correspondence and negotiation with the Inland Revenue.

Our commitment to research, continuing education and technology, ensures you are able to take advantage of continual changes in the tax system - or your own circumstances.